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  1. The discussions are part of our research into the troubled waters of Ethics in the 21st century. The research is for a new book Alan is writing called Doing Good. We're particularly interested in Biblical Ethics and it's correlation with Holiness, especially the Holiness of God.
    It will really help if you have been able to read Alan's book The Subjective God.
  2. Only approved members can participate in the discussion. If you have signed up and you can't yet contribute, bear with us while we enable your membership
  3. The discussion is separated into groups. The feed for all groups that you join is aggregated on the community page. You can interact through the groups or on the community wall.
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  5. No rudeness, coarseness, swearing, or name-calling will be tolerated.
    We reserve the right to suspend or ban your account with no warning.
    You may report a user, but the admins reserve the right of refusal. Being offended does not guarantee action on our part; being offended is part of life.
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    The User menu at the top is for:
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